What is Kelowna Foundation?

Kelowna Foundation for Hope and Social Innovation (“Kelowna Foundation” or “KF” for short) is a private Canadian Foundation whose purpose is to help vulnerable children in areas of health, wellness, poverty, protection, and injustice.

On July 22, 2017 KF strengthened its board of directors with the addition of Al Hildebrandt and Tom Mauro bringing experience in multiple charitable projects and provide additional business direction, connections, and credibility to help KF broaden its outreach, especially with children and youth causes in our community as well as internationally.

What is Its Purpose?

As the name implies, our Foundation is based in Kelowna.  Our activities are focused on providing Hope to others and, through Social Innovation, look at creative ways in which we can help and energize those delivering the services to those in need.  KF is a socially active foundation to help other NFP’s raise their profile, effectiveness and program/project funding.

KF’s strategic focus will be directed at children and youth's health, wellness, poverty, protection, and injustice services, provided by individual NFP’s who demonstrate significant expertise in providing services to those individuals who, by circumstances beyond their control, have become vulnerable individuals in a variety of ways.  

By partnering with qualified organizations to raise their profile and funding, we believe that we can best service our local and global community better.  The common theme in all our efforts, will be “what are we doing for our children, to help the next generation be better than what they are currently in”.



Al Hildebrandt
President and Director

Tom Mauro

Ron Cannan


Our Team

Ginny Becker

Ginny Becker
Executive Director

Sarah Armstrong

Sarah Armstrong
Project Coordinator